Takedown Notices and Twitter

by Leslie Burns

I just found out that if you submit a takedown notice to Twitter, they may share it with chillingeffects.org for publication. This is really nasty of them because chillingeffects is certainly anti-©. Another offshoot of the attempt to remove © protections by you-know-who and his minions but cloaked in Free Speech rhetoric.

Here’s what gets me about this: the anti-© people mostly hide behind anonymity to launch vicious attacks. I’ve been hit with plenty and look what happened to Jay Maisel! And yet, in a bold but not unsurprising move of extremist hypocrisy, they do not permit people who are standing up for their own copyrights to do so without being publicly outed!

Remember, this is Twitter we are talking about too. They grab rights to work posted on their service like nobody’s business. They are more than willing to exploit your work and not even tell you about it, but if you stand up and say “someone is posting MY work on your service” you have to face the angry anti-© masses.

Shame on Twitter for aligning themselves with the anti-©ists.

Published on August 8, 2011 at 3:37 pm

3 Responses to Takedown Notices and Twitter

  1. Is there some sort of clause that you can include in the DMCA notice where the information and takedown notice cannot be disseminated?

    • Good question, but I would assume (in my not fully-caffeinated state this morning) “no.” Must try to find some time to see why/why not…

  2. Twitpic and twitter are not the same services, not the same companies and not owned nor operated by the same people. Twitter bought photobucket, and their TOS for image-sharing is still a bit of a nightmare.